Bodi (Mango)

We are Bodi, now Mango’s family in South Dakota.  He is as beautiful and loving as you said he would be.

Everyone that hunts with Lincoln-( the boy) and Mango wants to buy him. He is so much a part of our family that I’d sooner sell the boy that the dog.  JK.

DSC 0222
I gotta tell ya. This past week, Gunner and I were up in Northern Michigan Grouse and woodcock hunting. He shouldn't be as good as he is, with all my back surgeries and less time a field. I have hunted with some good Dogs, but Gunner is the best Woodcock Dog I have ever hunted over, BAR NONE! He is good on Grouse too but there just aren't as many of them for a true test and they just don't hold for point as well as Woodcock do. Gunner has a great nose, great drive and is rock solid with his points. He was on the other side of a creek when his beeper went off. He had to hold his point for nearly 5 minutes until I could get across the creek to where he was. When I got there, He was still locked up like a statue; I walked in front of him, the Woodcock flushed and I missed! Damn that brush is thick!! That's my excuse and I am stickin to it!!! 24 Woodcock flushes, 2 Grouse flushes in a little over 2 hours on the ground. He is special by anybody's standards; He is the best in the Nation by my standards. Plus He is the best pet and most loyal companion in the World...

Gunner MI 1



Hey Mary,

I just can't tell you how much fun it has been dove hunting with Remy. She loves to be in the field but goes so hard that I have to watch her in the heat. I just say "Drive water" and she goes to the bowl I have by the truck and drinks then heads out again.
In the past week, I have shot around 50 dove and we have only lost two I think. She is so good at finding them. Yesterday she did one of the funniest and the coolest retrieves.
The funniest first: I shot a dove that landed in a thick area of creosote bushes and some trees and she charged in there after it because she saw where it landed. I got closer and I could see her with the bird in her mouth but she was having a hard time getting through the thicket of thorns and stuff so she dropped and and charged through to me and I was like, "Where is the bird? Go get it!" So she went back in and picked up and then dropped it and came back out and took off. So I called her back and said, "Get the bird" and I pointed at it. So she went back and got it and looked at me and I said, "Bring it here" and she pushed through with it and dropped it at me feet as if to say, "Fine. Here it is!" and she took off again....Stubborn sometimes :-)
Now the coolest: I was hunting with a friend last night and he shot one that landed out in an open area and Remy saw it land and took off after it and we were walking towards the area. She zeroed in on it and picked up and trotted back with it and dropped it in front of my friend's feet. It was so cool to see her trotting back with bird in mouth because normally she finds and I am right there to get it.
She has found so many that I would have otherwise lost. I cannot wait to take her duck hunting. I feel I do need to do some more training for quail so she does not chase after they flush thought.
She is just so birdy!!

Thanks again and I love all of the pictures of the other dogs.



1146 remy






Shooter and Trigger
Dear Larry and Mary,
You are two very special people!  You have brought so much joy into our lives, from your two beautiful dogs to your friendship and all the people we have met through you and the BdB boys!! 
We can't wait to see you in February at the Rendezvous!
Anne, Elton, Shooter and Trigger




Ok for those of you that don't have your puppies yet....let me tell you how Trigger's first night went. Even though we don't have a doggy door, he very quickly figured out where the big door is and what it means. He didn't make a mess one time in the house. He went the door every time he had go potty!!! Way to go Mary for teaching these babies how to potty outside!!!

Night time. We put his kennel next to the bed with us. He cried three times last night...all three times he had to potty!!! No messes in the kennel night one. I know better that to think this will continue.....but seriously.....Cactus Country dogs are amazing!!!!!!!! Soooooooooo smart. Sheesh he is already showing shooter up lol!! Shooter was no so good about potty training. I know I'm preaching to the choir but even I'm surprised and i already have one!!! We love you Mary and Trigger is already amazing Shooter!!!





Polka Dottie

We love all the pictures and videos and every breeder should do the same thing!  My kids loving showing their friends and teachers, and they all say how cool it is that we get pictures and videos. It is the most awesome thing, you are a very cool Bourbonnais Mom!




This is our new little family member. Her name is Tundra and she is 4 weeks old and we cannot wait to get her home to Minnesota. Cactus Country Kennels has been absolutely amazing to work with.





You are an amazing breeder!!! My husband and I have never met anyone more responsible, organized and devoted to their breed. Thank you for completing our family!! 
Clare and Ross DVM's





Remy (12 weeks)

Was outside and I heard her barking (which is not normal) so I went out and she was barking at something that was inside a bush. I figured it was a lizard because she chases them all the time in that area. So I peeked under there (cautiously I might add-never know what you might find in Az) and it was a dead morning dove. Had not been dead long and I have no idea what killed it but she was throwing a fit. I pulled out and let her smell it and praised her for finding it. Well then she snatched it and took off with it. I did not want to chase her because I want her to learn to retrieve and drop them and not play keep away so I ran in the house and grabbed some treats and when I got there she had flung it all over and feathers where everywhere!!! I got it from her and praised her finally. I wished you could have seen it. I guess I need to work on the retrieve and release commands huh?

1099 Remy

Iron Hank
This dog was great before this year's South Dakota trip but this season has definitely brought a change in him.  I can see him thinking in the field.  Figuring out the game.  He has been AMAZING on mearns.  We grabbed these four last weekend.  I never would've found any of them without him.  Had gorgeous points on these birds.  So much fun to be hunting with my buddy Hank.
IMG 20150110 181308