Artie (Dice)
Hi Mary and Larry,
 As you know, we have had Dice for about six years now. We have teenage children and were blessed with twins two and a half years ago. Since the twins were born Dice has always looked after them. One day when Erin and Stephen were about eighteen months old, they wondered away from the house to the other end of the property. As I was coming around the corner of the house to see where they had gone, Dice was walking very slowly back to the house with Erin holding his collar on one side, and Stephen holding his collar on the other. Dice was very careful not to walk to fast or knock either one of them down. The twins are a little rough with Dice, but Dice never shows any kind of aggression toward them. If he has had enough, he just gets up and lays down somewhere else, always in sight of the twins.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!
Etienne Lucy
Lucy says " There is a bird in there! " There was......we shot it.....she got it...and we are going to eat it on Thanksgiving Day!
She continues to amaze me. Great hunt last Saturday. Grandsons, Lucy and me. Tally 10/12 chukars...(hawk got one) 7/8 pheasant. She found every bird..pointed every bird...retrieved every bird....hunted ALL day over about 250 acres.  I am crazy lucky to have a dog like her.


This is Jon Tuoti, proud papa of Gigi.  I wanted to drop you a note and pass along some info along with a question.
I had Gigi at Blankenburg Kennels (Chino Valley) with Gene for a month, and he said to pass along that he thought your dogs were some of the finest he's seen.  Both Gene and Ute loved Gigi...he said she was the most well socialized Braque he's been around at that age (about a year old).  So I wanted to pass along the compliment.



Halo Goose
How good is my bird dog?  Let me tell you about the last time I got a limit of Pheasant in an hour of hunting.......that was way back in nineteen eighty...NEVER!  This dog is fantastic.
Terry Jensen


The Girls
Hi Mary,
I hope all is going well!We wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that we're all moved onto our 8 acres and the girls are loving life.  Endless games of fetch in the backyard are a daily occurrence.  The best part of it all is that Zack was able to join the Suffield Sportsman Club up the road from our house.  That club stocks pheasants for the bird hunters and they happen to stock the farm next door to us.  We are friendly with the farmer anyway, so he lets us go out on his property as it is, but holy bird season is all I can say!
The girls work very close and they are very birdy.  Their first day out was short because Zack had to work.  In under an hour they each had birds and we enjoyed a wonderful bacon wrapped pheasant dinner!  We can't be happier with their size, their speed, and their talent!  Everyone that meets them is impressed.
So, thank you and Larry again for our girls - we honestly couldn't imagine life without them!!!
Keep in touch and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Shannon & Zack


Hi Mary,
  Dawson & I just returned from South Dakota.  This was my first year to hunt in SD.  I had hunted in Kansas until last year when they said there weren't enough birds.  We hunted in Ideal, SD. Which is an hour & a half west of Mitchell, just north of Winner, SD.  We had plenty of birds on the opening 3 days of the season. Even though it is a long drive,  Dawson & I loved it & I plan to go back next year!    Dawson is an excellent retriever!  He was a good traveler (we drove 3000 miles round trip).  He loved the hunting & everyone was pleased with his performance!    We  love Dawson.  My other children and grandchildren are jealous of their brother/uncle.  He has the best nose of any dog I've ever had, the best retriever and the softest mouth - brings the wounded bird back alive.
Hope to see you someday, somehow. 
Best wishes, Allen


Ft. Worth Brocko
Hi Mary and Larry,
Here's Brocko all grown up. He's an awesome hunter. We are dove hunting this morning.   I'll send more pictures as I take them. I sent him to school for three months. He is a machine. Retrieves to hand perfectly. And he gets to sleep on our bed at night!
Ranger Boone

Hi Mary,  I was just playing with Boone and thought I should let you know what a wonderful addition he has been to our family.  He is a loving and playful pet and a great friend to the kids.  He lets me know each school day when the bus is coming and runs to meet the kids at the top of the drive.  He is also, by all accounts, the fastest dog anyone has ever seen!  He has been a source of comfort and friendship to our youngest son and that has meant the world to him.  Thanks for the great dog!             Kathleen Irish




Etienne Lucy
6 pheasants 9 chukers all in tall switch grass. (shoulder high). Found every bird...point...found every dead bird. My son in law shot one chuker at an incredible distance. The bird glided another 40 or 50 yards now 100 plus.....Lucy disappears in the grass....a minute or two later she is walking back down a small trail with bird in mouth....lays it right at my feet. THAT IS A BIRD DOG.
9mos now....not the least bit intimidated by a wounded big cock pheasant. A baby at home...get her in the field and she goes from 36 Pounds of sweetheart to a bird hunting machine.Thanks for a great dog.

                                                                         Oct. 27, 2013

Well Lucy does not fit in the class of ordinary hunting dogs. At least in the way that so many dogs seem to fit. I have some hunting buddies that have pointing dogs and they do that well. I have a couple of friends with labs and they retrieve well. However the pointers do not retrieve very well and the labs do not point. Lucy dog however does both really well.....and I wish I could say it was some expert training on my behalf. But, to tell the truth she is must have read the Nike slogan...."Just Do It." And, do it she does.

Just got back from a pheasant hunt at the beautiful Priest View preserve. Sandy and I worked her on the "100" acre field. Not an easy place. Tall switch grass and a heavy undergrowth. Perfect hiding for Mr. Ringneck. No sweat for super nose. She found every bird.

One particularly bad piece of shooting on my part left a cripple hitting the ground about 100 yards away. I must have searched in the landing zone twenty minutes. No bird. Lucy searched with the encouragement of "find the bird girl" bird. Wider and wider she ranged out from where the bird went down. I had just about given up and chalked it up to a running pheasant leaving the county. Lucy however would not quit. I lost sight of her for a good ten minutes in the tall grass.....then bingo she appeared again, rooster in her mouth. That's a bird dog.

Thanks for Lucy.

Doug Kubosh

Ps. As I write this she is of course sacked out on her bed at my feet.....dreams of roosters and shotguns.

Halo (Goose)

Mary, it has been a week now and I couldn't be happier - this dog is something else!