Lakota Hunter

lakota_hunter06_smallLarry & Mary,

We could not be more pleased with our new puppy!!!! She has fully acclimated into our family and goes everywhere with us now.

Here are a couple highlights:

  • Sits on command
  • No accidents inside for two weeks
  • Goes into her crate at night when the boys go to sleep without being asked
  • Retrieves with great vigor
  • Flies in the airplane with no problems
  • Comfortable in public settings (street fairs, tennis courts, parks, airports, etc.)
  • Points quail wing on a fly rod
  • Plays well with other dogs and rabbits

I think your assistance with the selection of this puppy has been spot on.  If she hunts even halfway decently it will just be a bonus!

lakota_hunter04_smallSerious training starts next week as she is now twelve weeks….

I attached a couple more pictures.  Thanks again!!




lacie04_normalHello Mary and Larry,

"Lacie is a wonderful dog. If I wasn't a hunter I would still recommend her for a family pet. She is so loveable and great with my 2 year old granddaughter and other grand kids.

I can hardly wait to get her out hunting. She gets to chase birds every night and sometimes she catches them. I need to teach her to bring them to me instead of tearing them up.

I was wondering how she would be around guns so I took her out a few times.

lacie06_normalIt doesn't bother her at all. In fact she come up to me to see what it is I am doing. Also on the 4th of July, I was up at our cabin where they shoot fireworks over the lake. I took her to the point to she what she would do with the fireworks. Can you believe she sat there and watched them!

Here are a couple pictures of her. She really looks like her father."


(I love my dog!)


Quicksilver Kate

kate_thumbHi Mary,

"We just got back from Katy's first training with NAVHDA. She was the smallest at just 3 months but the fastest of the pups and she was also the most "birdy." All of the other dog folks seemed to be genuinely impressed with her natural ability. She pointed two pigeons and killed the first one. She was amazing.... like a little rocket out there!

The gentleman that helped me gave me the same hot dog home work as you guys. Her speed was amazing as well as her aggressiveness toward the birds. On her second hunt she passed the pigeon and then halted, did a 180 and wham...strait on point! I was watching her creep....then she was sniffing hard and then all of a sudden she just poked her nose through the shrub and was looking straight at the pigeon. She even leapt in stride and tried to pull a pigeon from mid flight! The trainer said that he was real happy with her natural instincts and interest in the birds.

He had some wire haired pointers which where only half interested. They were super cute but a bit slow in comparison to Kate and not nearly as birdy. We are going to film / take pics next week so I will send you some. You were right, these folks were cool. One old timer said he couldn't believe how Katy went from jumping back when seeing her first pigeon to killing it just 10 minutes later! "



omega_testimonial_thumbHi Mary,

"One year ago today, you delivered our little gal, we celebrate her birthday with a special pork hide chewy and extra pineapple (yes, she LOVES most fruit and asparagus is a real fave too) we want to say THANK YOU for your love of this amazing breed of dogs. Meg has more personality than most humans we know... she loves to wrap her long legs around our necks and put her cheek right up to ours and give hugs... She sleeps on the bed in between Tim and me and has to be 'touching' someone all the time with her paws. "

"She is funny, loving and a bit mischievous too...she LOVES chasing birds and will get to go on her first dove hunt in a couple of months.Tim absolutely adores this baby and she brings him such joy. She knows every night at 8:30 to bring Tim her ball, she literally throws it at him until he gets his shoes on and goes out to play ball. She can RUN!! for hours and when she comes in, she whines at me until I go to bed so she can fall over on me and sleep after a long day of playing and being in the house."

omega_testimonial_thumb2"She is truly a smart lil' girl and we so love her....thank you!! I hope you continue to bless other families with these gorgeous dogs...everywhere we go with her, people stop us to ask about the breed and she is SO people friendly. She also still has her playmate, Bingo who has not succumbed to his lymphoma and they love one another so much. Happy Birthday to all of your litter pups from last year at this time...May God bless you for the work you do!! A few photos of her growing in our home...she is a happy, healthy pupper!!!"

Smiles, Blessings and Thanks

The Sergent Family