Camouflage (Cami) Prize III

Camouflage (Cami)  Prize III Cami will staying here in Tucson to join our breeding program. She was the smallest in the litter but definitely the Alpha female. I tube fed her for the first 2 weeks and we bonded so there was no way I could let her go. The Vet gave her a clean bill of ...


Captain Captain is so very smart. He was the first one to actually play with the toys and the first one in the litter box. His family has a full sister to him from the P litter. She was so extraordinary that they chose the litter again! Captain will live South of ...


Cassie Cassie came home to Tucson and now has joined our breeding program. She came with her very sweet hunting companion Elk Run Nitro.


Chance Cactus Country Chance now resides in Nevada with his new hunting partner. He displays Brock's easy going nature and desire to please. He has a natural curiosity and started fetching very early.

Charley (Sassy)

Charley (Sassy) Cactus Country Charley, now called Sassy, now resides in Iowa with her new hunting family. She displays that natural enthusiasm and curiosity of any top notch birddog. Another awesome Bourbonnais!

Colby Jack (Cheddar) Prize I NA Perfect Score 112!

Colby Jack (Cheddar) Prize I NA Perfect Score 112! Colby is also staying in Tucson with his new family who just found us by surfing the web. They are very active and have a new motor home to travel for the weekends. They are going to be wonderful for this beautiful fawn, the only fawn in the litter. He ha ...


Comet At 7 weeks Comet was retrieving his own personal pheasant. His new owner is thrilled at how easy he is to train. At 8 weeks he understood and obeyed basic commands such as come and stay. He takes his place in the field right next to his Bourbonnais budd ...

Copper Girl Prize III

Copper Girl  Prize III Copper is going to Bakersfield to join her new family. They have had 2 Bourbonnais and know and love this breed. Once you have a Bourbonnais all other breeds just don't live up to their loving nature and ferocious hunting desire. Copper is very smart and ...