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ABOVE PHOTO: Larry, Brock & Emmy

We are Larry and Mary Fredricks of Southern, Arizona and are the owners of Cactus Country Kennels. Larry, a lifelong hunter has owned many wonderful hunting dogs. We truly love the Braque du Bourbonnais. The reasons are many but the most important attributes to Larry are a cheerful enthusiasm, easy disposition, birdiness and a dedication to retrieving.

Larry’s first Braque du Bourbonnais picked him out in Centralia, Kansas in 2002. Pheasant Peak Andy, ( Brock), followed him around the kennel, making it clear that he was “the one”.

Several hours earlier Larry had stopped at the local Cabela's in Nebraska and learned about this breed of hunting dog from the clerk who was planning a visit the following weekend. It was ONLY a 5-hour drive and his hunting trip was nearing the end. He went to the other store in town where there was an ad with a phone number tear off. Larry called the number and it was incorrect on the paper. The person who answered asked who he was looking for and when Larry told him he replied, "Oh, I know him let me get the number." This story has a GREAT ending. In 2016 I received a call from someone who had read this story and told me he was the clerk who told Larry about these dogs. I thanked him and said that he had completly changed our lives with these amazing dogs.

Since Larry was hunting with a 12 year old English Setter he knew he was in the market for a new hunting companion. Brock quickly became man’s best friend and an important member of the family.


Because of Brock’s incredible natural hunting ability and great fit for the family, we decided to search for the perfect Braque du Bourbonnais mate.

We found that in a puppy from Idaho and she was certainly well worth the drive from Tucson to pick her up. Emmy also possessed the same insatiable drive to point, retrieve and swim. Our breeding program was off to a wonderful start.


While, initially, we were only looking for a superior hunting partner for Larry, we got so much more. The sweet, gentle disposition of these dogs also makes them the perfect family pet. The amazing thing about this breed is that they seem just like a gentle, loving family dog until you put on your hunting pants and then it's all about the birds.

They will bark and defend the home front when strangers come around. Please only consider one of these dogs if you can include them in your family life. They do not do well when only kenneled and taken out to hunt. They fit best when they are included and loved.

Cactus Country Kennels produced our first litter in 2003. All went to hunting homes and the reports back to us have been incredible. There were puppies retrieving at 8 wks, swimming at 10 wks and fitting beautifully into the family…a breeder’s dream, happy hunters!


One of the females from that first litter went to a home where they were unable to hunt or train her for the first eight months. Imagine their surprise when they looked into the back yard and saw her pointing a sparrow. Ten minutes later, they saw her with the bird in her mouth. Now, that is dedication to the art of bird hunting.

We were very fortunate that our first sire and dam are able to produce the much sought after fawn or “peach blossom” color of Braque du Bourbonnais.  95% of our litters produce fawns.

Our second litter included five liver and three fawns. We have also added to our breeding program BH’s Lanie and her father Chateaus Phantom Fighter, a direct descendant of two of the first imported Bourbonnais to the U.S.  Since that time we have acquired a 3rd dog from the Phantom line.


The goal of Cactus Country Kennels is to produce Braque du Bourbonnais with superior hunting instincts and abilities. These dogs while still considered rare, need to be affordable to the average hunter. As of  2010 there are approximately 800 Bourbonnais registered in the United States.

All puppies receive their first puppy shot and a thorough examination from our Vet before leaving our home and kennel. We socialize them with children, adults and other dogs. We introduce them to a wing and a live bird. They have 2 weeks of kennel training and YES they are almost completely potty trained, using a doggy door.  We work diligently to ensure the high standards of the Braque du Bourbonnais.

Although the author is unkown this describes the Bourbonnais beautifully:

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours faithfully and true to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of so much devotion.

Whether you are hunting upland game in the Midwest or quail in the deserts of Arizona, you will find that the Braque du Bourbonnais is exactly the hunting companion you are looking for.


Welcome to our home.  When you step into our living room there is no doubt that our lives are all about these magnificent dogs.

living room

Whether you are hunting pheasants, desert quail, ducks or grouse these dogs are on the job giving you the most enjoyable hunting experience.



We have a special wall of fame for all of our Prize 1 dogs.  Here are a few of them.







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