Our Commitment
ABOVE PHOTO: Cactus Country Charlie (Sassy)
One of our wonderful families was looking for a hunting dog
and the husband contacted a well known dog enthusiast and
pod caster. The perspective buyer explained that he had never
had a hunting dog and was looking for advice as to what breed
to get. His question received a very interesting answer so I
chose to share it with all of you looking for a new hunting
companion.  He was told that he is not looking for a specific
breed but rather for a “good” breeder.  He said that a “good”
breeder is one that doesn’t do it for the money but the love
of their breed.  It’s a breeder that offers to buy the dog back
if it doesn’t work out.  It’s a breeder that doesn’t sell a dog
to just anyone but a family that meets their criteria. It’s a
breeder that goes beyond the necessary health requirements
for their breed in order to offer only the best of their breed.
After getting all of this information the perspective buyer
went about his search. He eventually called us and I had
a wonderful conversation with him answering all of his
questions and inviting him to visit our kennel.  I  told him
I thought that it was important for a family to see where
the early days of the puppy are spent and that for us it
was important that the litters be accessible to us 24/7 and
that their rooms be as clean as humanly possible. I
explained that we didn’t take deposit because if they
should change their mind I wouldn’t feel good about taking
money I hadn’t earned.  With over 40 people on the waiting
list there were plenty families looking for a puppy. He told
me this story when he came for the first visit. He said that
after getting off the phone with me he turned to his wife
and said, “I think I found our breeder.”  I felt extremely
honored and realized that all of choices with this amazing
breed led us to this moment with a new, very special family.
2019 is our 20th year since getting our first Bourbonnais,
Brock.  We have been breeding for 18 years and have
watched a number of breeders come and go. Some breed
more than just the Bourbonnais.  Another will not let you
come to their home and hands off the new puppy at a
prearranged meeting place. Another has changed to a
different breed.  We are getting older and in the
not too distant future it will be our turn to retire from
breeding. We are grateful to all of our families,
lifelong friends, who love their dogs and come back for
a second to fifth dog.  It’s a labor of love and one we
wouldn’t have missed for the world. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
                                          Mary and Larry

We take our commitment to our families very seriously.
Not only to strive to breed the very best dogs possible in
temperament and drive, we believe it is important to
raise our puppies in a clean, stimulating and loving
environment. The puppy rooms are built on the end of
our home with access from the house and to the outside
puppy areas. Our dogs experience the same thing with
doors going outside to their runs. At night they sleep in
kennels, six to a pod.
IMG 4075
We have a fenced 1/2 acre for them to run and they do that 4 to 5 times after they come in for the day. There is no shortage for birds to keep them occupied. We have dove, woodpeckers, quail and sparrows.
When it is necessary for us to leave our home we always have someone here with the dogs and/or puppies. They are NEVER left alone. We are lucky to have a wonderful family who loves the dogs as much as we do and an unending list of volunteers who love to come over and get a puppy fix while we are running errands or have appointments.  Larry and I have had one vacation together in the last 5 years. It's a sacrifice we are more than willing to make for these amazing dogs.
It is important to see the environment where your puppy spends their first 8 weeks. Our home is always open to have our families visit, meet the dogs and play with puppies when they are old enough for visitors. It is a VERY important part of the process. If you aren't close enough for a visit ask for pictures!
While it is difficult for us to ship puppies in the Summer, we are happy to do that once our temperatures start to drop. We try to find direct flights, whenever possible, and we will drive the puppy to Phoenix which is two hours from us. We do not charge for that. We always do what is best for these puppies!
We do have a puppy nanny who flies all over the country delivering puppies.  She has even gone to Alaska and France!  The puppy can travel with her in the cabin of the plane in a carry bag.  The puppy has to be under the seat during takeoff and landing but is in her lap the entire trip.  She charges the plane ticket, $200 and if an overnight is required, the hotel. It's a great way to make sure that the puppy is with someone who loves it and makes that baby her top priority.  She also has a Bourbonnais AND she's our daughter!  You are also welcome to fly to Tucson to pick up your puppy and we can bring the puppy to you.
Prior to the puppies leaving our home, and in addition to all of the training, we take them to the Vet for their first puppy shot and we have the stools tested. The Vet checks, hearts, elbows, knees, belly buttons, teeth and ears.  We have a Vet who has one of our dogs so he loves this breed!
Why the Braque du Bourbonnais? Because we were looking for the perfect
hunting companion that would be a good fit for our family. We were also looking
for something a little different from your average hunting dog. We certainly found
that in our first Bourbonnais. These sporting dogs originated in France and are
also known as the Bourbonnais pointer. Because the Bourbonnais is the most
easy-going, good natured dog we have ever owned, we knew we had to share
our love for this incredible breed.  Having the perfect companion at home and the
perfect hunting partner fills the needs of the entire family. To ensure that we
are breeding only the best lines and that inbreeding is 0% to 10% we
have imported 6 dogs from Hungary, 1 from Canada, and 6 from France.
Cactus Country Kennels is located in Southern, Arizona, the heart of desert quail
country. We are proud to be breeders of the exceptional Braque du Bourbonnais
hunting dogs since 2003 and to offer this incredible pointer to the serious as well
as the weekend hunter.  Our commitment is not only to our puppy families but also
to our dogs and puppies.  This is a very special breed with huge hearts.  They live
to be where you are and to hunt.


Our first Braque du Bourbonnais, Pheasant Peak Andy (we call him Brock) was
such a pleasure to watch in the field. We enjoyed the fact that he not only had
such a desire to hunt, but also a desire to please the hunter.  He took very little
training and we were glad that he took a gentle hand. We had owned headstrong
dogs in the past and felt like it took too much time just keeping them in line.
Brock had a keen nose and we were amazed that it took very little to keep him
steady to the shot. On the next page you can read how we were
fortunate enough to find Brock.




Our second Bourbonnais, Emmy, had the same disposition as Brock. 
She was sweet and loving and wanted to please in the field.  Brock and Emmy
started it all for us and we can say that they certainly changed our lives.  In
2013 Brock turned 14 and while he's not hunting anymore, he's the same sweet
dog Larry brought home from Kansas.
Two years later we experienced our first litter. Brock and Emmy produced beautiful
puppies with their same incredible hunting drive. We have chosen to be breeders of
the Braque du Bourbonnais because of our love for these dogs and our desire for
every hunter to have the opportunity to own the perfect hunting companion.


All puppies are whelped in Puppy Rooms, specially built in our home, just for them.
They are air conditioned in the Summer and heated in the Winter. They are complete
with a whelping box and a doggy door which goes out to a large play area, complete
with cactus which can't be eaten or poke a puppy. There are large shade trees and a
patio area. Whelping boxes are cushioned with rugs and towels and are changed twice
daily. At about 3 to 4 weeks the front of the box is opened so they have access to the
entire room. That is when the potty training starts.
We email everyone when the mom goes into labor. Once the litter is safely on the
ground all of our families receive pictures of the entire litter and a description of the birth.
You get to find out sex and color of each pup at this point. Everyone has different
criteria for picking a puppy. You choose in order of deposit receipt. We typically have all
puppies chosen by 5 weeks because it is important that we get their NAVHDA papers
back in time for puppy pick up. We do allow you to choose the name for your puppy but
the name has to include Cactus Country and begin with the letter of that litter. When
puppies begin their training they are about 4 weeks old. The training happens on a daily
basis because we have someone with them 24 x 7. They are never left alone.
The training includes:
  • Socialization with bigger dogs
  • Socialization with children
  • Socialization with adults
  • Potty training with a puppy litter box and then a doggy door
  • Retrieving Training
  • Kennel Training
  • Manners Training
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Introduction to a bird wing
  • Introduction to a live bird
Each family leaves with a bag of toys picked especially for their puppy. Up until the
choices begin everyone gets a weekly update on all of the puppies, complete with pictures.
Once you choose your puppy you continue to get weekly updates of just your puppy. I
don't just send 2 or 3 pictures, you get lots of pictures! I believe you need to experience
your puppy discovering new things.
Our commitment as your breeder doesn't end once you have your puppy. We are happy to
answer ongoing questions about hunting, training or obedience as long as you like. We love
these dogs! We invite you to join us in the field, if you live close enough, to ensure you have
the best hunting companion possible. We have attended many NAVHDA tests with puppy
families and love watching these beautiful dogs show their natural ability.
When we send a puppy home to a loving family we make sure he has all of the necessary
things to begin his new life. He leaves our home with a bag of toys, a blanket made by our
family that contains the smells of mom and his litter and a name for his or her kennel.  We
want your puppy to come not only with manners and potty training, we want them to feel
that they are bringing a little piece of our home to yours.
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IMG 3430

Our Commitment to you goes far beyond getting your puppy.  Look at some of the pictures
our wonderful families have sent us of everyday occurances in their lives.  These dogs love 
all living things, but especially birds!
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