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ABOVE PHOTO: Baby Howell & Cactus Country Charlie (Sassy)

Thanks for stopping by our website and considering Cactus Country Kennels when acquiring your next hunting partner, a Braque du Bourbonnais.
Our goal is to ensure that you have a superior bird dog that is the perfect fit for your entire family.

We have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with most of our families and are always available to answer questions and help you develop your puppy into a fine hunting dog.

Our local chapter of North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association - (NAVHDA) has been invaluable in helping us help you. If you have a chapter close to you, please check into membership. These dogs perform very well in the NAVHDA hunt tests and it gives all of us and opportunity to show the Bourbonnais's natural hunting ability.

We do not breed every dog every heat cycle. We choose only the best dogs to be part of our breeding program to ensure the health and genetics of your new hunting companion. We produce only about 7 litters per year.

These puppies are raised in our smoke free home and receive a great deal of socialization prior to leaving. They are exposed to grandchildren, loud noises, bird wings, live birds and larger dogs. They can navigate multiple doggy doors and understand the difference between outside and inside.

Please look at our upcoming litters below. We plan about 7 litters per year, so puppies are not always available. Please contact us as early as possible to reserve your puppy as we always have a waiting list. We will post pictures as soon as they are available.

Please feel free to call us or email us with any questions you might have.


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I received an email from a new, waiting puppy parent.  He had been doing a lot of reading about choosing the perfect dog.  He was concerned about picking his puppy too soon.  In order to get the NAVHDA registration papers back in time for puppy pickup, we need to send them in by 5 to 6 weeks.  I always send the papers home when the dog is picked up or shipped and they are already registered to the new family. Here is my answer to that email.
I would have agreed with all of the points you made, prior to finding this breed of dog.  They are just different.  We have never had a dog, in 30 litters, that disappointed in the home or the field.  We have had people ask us to put them on their back to see if they struggle or to do other tests that the trainers recommend to see if you are getting a good bird dog.  We are happy to do that.
We have had some owners take the last dog in the litter because it was the only one available and they get a fantastic dog.  Cactus Country Nico was one of those dogs.  His owner came from the Phoenix area, took the last dog in the litter and the dog got a Prize I, Natural Ability.  He's going to take him all the way to Versatile Champion.  Nico is a fantastic dog!
Another man came from California and chose his dog at 3 weeks.  He chose him by his sex and his markings.  The dog is amazing and exactly everything you want in the field and at home.
This family couldn't be happier with their choice.  There are SO many stories like that.
I can tell at 4 weeks which dog is the Alpha male and the Alpha female, and which one is using their nose consistently.  I can tell which one is more laid back and which will be a little rowdy.  The hunting instinct is always there.  I spend lots of time with them so I can find the qualities that you are looking for in your new hunting partner.
We have found that it's the time you spend with your dog that makes him or her the hunting dog of your dreams.  And remember, all of those books were written about dogs who were not Bourbonnais'.  The authors have never even heard of the breed.  This dog is NOT your typical bird dog.
And remember that we offer to buy the dog back if it doesn't live up to everything we tell you.  We have done this only once with a family in Phoenix and it was because they had a 15 year old Lab that was blind and couldn't see the puppy coming at her.  They brought the puppy back after two days to spare the Lab any additional anguish and a year later came back for another Bourbonnais puppy.  Now they have 2 and they are getting a third.  They are not hunters but the dogs present them with birds all the time.