Polka Dottie

We love all the pictures and videos and every breeder should do the same thing!  My kids loving showing their friends and teachers, and they all say how cool it is that we get pictures and videos. It is the most awesome thing, you are a very cool Bourbonnais Mom!




This is our new little family member. Her name is Tundra and she is 4 weeks old and we cannot wait to get her home to Minnesota. Cactus Country Kennels has been absolutely amazing to work with.





You are an amazing breeder!!! My husband and I have never met anyone more responsible, organized and devoted to their breed. Thank you for completing our family!! 
Clare and Ross DVM's





Remy (12 weeks)

Was outside and I heard her barking (which is not normal) so I went out and she was barking at something that was inside a bush. I figured it was a lizard because she chases them all the time in that area. So I peeked under there (cautiously I might add-never know what you might find in Az) and it was a dead morning dove. Had not been dead long and I have no idea what killed it but she was throwing a fit. I pulled out and let her smell it and praised her for finding it. Well then she snatched it and took off with it. I did not want to chase her because I want her to learn to retrieve and drop them and not play keep away so I ran in the house and grabbed some treats and when I got there she had flung it all over and feathers where everywhere!!! I got it from her and praised her finally. I wished you could have seen it. I guess I need to work on the retrieve and release commands huh?

1099 Remy

Iron Hank
This dog was great before this year's South Dakota trip but this season has definitely brought a change in him.  I can see him thinking in the field.  Figuring out the game.  He has been AMAZING on mearns.  We grabbed these four last weekend.  I never would've found any of them without him.  Had gorgeous points on these birds.  So much fun to be hunting with my buddy Hank.
IMG 20150110 181308


Hi all,

With my two sons coming home for Christmas, I've scheduled a hunt for the three of us for chukars at a local preserve this coming Saturday.  Thought I'd get a bit of a head start by going out there today for a mini-hunt. Although he has done very well with pigeons in the past, this was his very first exposure to game birds. We released four chukars and he found all four - pointed two but the other two ran a bit.  He retrieved all four - three near perfectly and the last one required a bit of coaxing.  All in all, he did great and I can't wait for Saturday!  I love this dog!
Merry Christmas.


Hey Mary and Larry,

Got out the other day and got a pair of Mearns.  He is improving every hunt!  LOVE THIS DOG!

He pointed two more coveys today.....and a skunk.  Got a bird out of the coveys and a stinky dog out of the skunk.  You should've seen the gorgeous point he had on that critter though!  Haha





Hi Mary,

Gunner is a one of a kind being. I have often wondered who he was more like his mom or dad. After reading some of your comments on facebook, it
kinda sounds like he may be a lil bit more like mom. As I had said in
a previous email, we had to cut our hunting season short this year cuz
I had to go in for a 3rd back surgery on Oct. 16th. Before the
surgery, Gun and I did get out a few times and I was able to get some
feathers in his mouth. Actually 2 for 3 on the shooting, 1 grouse & 1
woodcock. That's not bad in the northern Michigan grouse and woodcock
cover (a little pat on my own back) Gunner performed near flawlessly,
rock sold points on the woodcocks and points and then readjusting with
the grouse as they would sneak away before their startling bursts into
the air. He is a dream dog for hunting, but that is not where he has
shined the brightest this fall. I have been in pretty rough shape
since the surgery and Gunner will hardly leave my side. If he does,
it's not for long; he seems to know and has been such a good buddy. It
for sure would have been a much tougher recovery without him. He is
content to lay next to me for however long, but in a seconds notice,
he is ready to go do whatever, with his entire body always wagging
along with his little grunts of joy and affection. He's the best for

Merry Christmas & Happy New year to You and Larry,


Hi Mary and Larry,
Below is Kris's write-up of Riley's first quail that I shot for him.  On day one we came across a super covey in tough country and just did not have the tactics down to score. There were at least 40 in that group. The next day we took a day hike and left the gun at the truck as it was not quail country in the canyon we went into. But on Sunday we were back in the birds and a nice group that let us get close. This was 90 miles out of Phoenix, so not over-pressured.  I finally got relaxed and figured out the lead and put down a hen (shot through the heart) for the Riley Boy.  (For a long time now, Riley's been finding birds, pointing them, steady to wing, steady to shot and he's retrieved well on the pigeons.)  By then it was lunch time. We did not find them with our final run, but chased up a couple nice cottontails. Later on Sunday the quail was a nice addition to the leftover T-Day turkey. Riley got the head and liver out in the field and I think he chomped down half the feathers as I pulled them off the bird. Back home he cleaned out my bird pouch, atta boy!
Today he was out at the park pointing large groups of dove. I gave him one flush and he really liked putting 40 or so dove up in the air. Dang I'd so like to bring the shotgun to the neighborhood park. Maybe I should rig a silencer on it.
Thanks for raising up such good dogs!
Paul, Kris and Riley Boy
Kris and Paul Curry


It’s a year of ‘firsts’ for the Curry family.   FINALLY found some wild quail and got at least one.   Riley found them and initially made them flush by pressuring them and held while Paul did a good job on the last one to fly and I did the job of finding the bird.  Riley was in ‘bird fever’ right then and not the best at retrieving it but it was a complicated area of a lot of prickly pear.  A true family event!     Earlier when we had first come across the main group he had ‘held true to point’ while the covey flushed.   
Riley didn’t seem to impressed with himself even as we tried to tell him this was his first ‘real’ bird.   
Thought I would share with other bird dog hunters.
DSCN0843 small



Took Gracie out today for a run since the snow has finally melted enough. Went out to a spot by my house in hopes of finding some deer sheds.... Our adventured turned out awesome... We had 17 woodcock flushes, 1 rooster pheasant, and 5 rabbits, and saw 2 deer... didnt find any sheds but here are a few pics I was able to get of Gracie.

 We have had over 20 woodcock flushes in the past week... Took her out on my cousins new property and she locked up on something and was surprised when a woodcock flushed. It has been a cold winter and I've been doing a lot of ice fishing... now I need to run her a lot before I cant anymore. With all these woodcock less than 10 minutes from my house I'm going to keep running her out there for now just to get her back in shape. The thumb is only a few hours from me so if Larry ever heads up that way I'll bring Gracie by. She has turned out to be a great dog and couldn't of asked for a better first BDB for myself.  Thanks again!!