Etienne Lucy
6 pheasants 9 chukers all in tall switch grass. (shoulder high). Found every bird...point...found every dead bird. My son in law shot one chuker at an incredible distance. The bird glided another 40 or 50 yards now 100 plus.....Lucy disappears in the grass....a minute or two later she is walking back down a small trail with bird in mouth....lays it right at my feet. THAT IS A BIRD DOG.
9mos now....not the least bit intimidated by a wounded big cock pheasant. A baby at home...get her in the field and she goes from 36 Pounds of sweetheart to a bird hunting machine.Thanks for a great dog.

                                                                         Oct. 27, 2013

Well Lucy does not fit in the class of ordinary hunting dogs. At least in the way that so many dogs seem to fit. I have some hunting buddies that have pointing dogs and they do that well. I have a couple of friends with labs and they retrieve well. However the pointers do not retrieve very well and the labs do not point. Lucy dog however does both really well.....and I wish I could say it was some expert training on my behalf. But, to tell the truth she is must have read the Nike slogan...."Just Do It." And, do it she does.

Just got back from a pheasant hunt at the beautiful Priest View preserve. Sandy and I worked her on the "100" acre field. Not an easy place. Tall switch grass and a heavy undergrowth. Perfect hiding for Mr. Ringneck. No sweat for super nose. She found every bird.

One particularly bad piece of shooting on my part left a cripple hitting the ground about 100 yards away. I must have searched in the landing zone twenty minutes. No bird. Lucy searched with the encouragement of "find the bird girl" bird. Wider and wider she ranged out from where the bird went down. I had just about given up and chalked it up to a running pheasant leaving the county. Lucy however would not quit. I lost sight of her for a good ten minutes in the tall grass.....then bingo she appeared again, rooster in her mouth. That's a bird dog.

Thanks for Lucy.

Doug Kubosh

Ps. As I write this she is of course sacked out on her bed at my feet.....dreams of roosters and shotguns.

Halo (Goose)

Mary, it has been a week now and I couldn't be happier - this dog is something else!





Bodi (Mango)



I can’t tell you how happy, pleased, satisfied, and in love we are with our dog.  He is everything you said the breed would be and more.  He is an amazing family dog and he hunts like a 4 year veteran.

My husband hunts with a friend that breeds red and white Irish setters. Nice dogs but they go into heat during pheasant season.  We are thinking of getting Mango fixed to save us from getting French red and whites.  What a mess that would be.  

Before we do that do you have any interest/ need for a daddy dog.  I know you must have plenty of males closer, but wanted to contact you just in case you had an interest or need.  I can’t imagine any DNA that would be better as a hunter or house dog.

Thank you for giving us the best dog ever.



Buffy (Gracie)

Took Gracie out to the bird farm again. This time just Gracie, my girlfriend, and me. She performed amazingly. We got all 6 Chukars. She pointed all 6 the first time thru the field but I managed to miss 2 on easy shots. Saw where the birds went and we circled back to get her into the wind. She managed to chase one that was on the ground running and eventually got a point on him. The last point was amazing. We were walking back to the jeep with the wind at my back at 20mph and I knew that there was one Chukar left that I had missed. Gracie spun a 180 and locked on point at some really thick cattails. I walked up to the cattails and was amazed when I could hear the Chukar trying to get outta them. The bird flushed and I shot and Gracie made a perfect retrieve. Was an amazing point to end the day.





So Gracie spent 16 days at a bird dog trainer while I was home for the holidays. When I went to pick her up Bruce spent over an hour talking to me and talking about how great a dog she was. He couldn't believe how fast she learned and how well she listened. He had her out at the  bird farm almost everyday and said he couldn't believe how quick she learned.

Bruce told me he had a client buy 8 chuckar and Bruce planted the birds over a 2mile wide stretch of field. The client spent 3 hours out there and only managed 1 bird. So Bruce took Gracie and his 1.5 year old setter and went out to see if they could find the birds. He said Gracie had 7 points and honored 2 more on that trip. He said she backs beautifully and she has a really good nose on her. I'll be taking her out to the farm quite often because Bruce told me to bring her out whenever I want just to keep her on the birds.

Anyways just thought id give you a quick update on her progress. She's learning fast and now I have more time to keep on her training so can't wait to get her on birds.  Justin


Double Dutch


How have you been?  I thought I would share this picture with you.  I went down to see Dutch at the trainers last week and snapped a picture of her on the trail.  She is doing very good.  We let out a quail and she pointed and flushed it 3 times.  After the last flush we lost where the bird went as it flew into heavy cover.  I took her in and I walked past an old oak log decomposing on the ground.  Dutch had circle back to me and when she got within 6 ft or so of the log she locked up on point.  I thought she was just showing off, but the quail had crawled into the hollow center and she was able to scent that bird.  That point was all nose.  Grouse season opened last Saturday.  I will be picking her up from the kennel this Saturday and we will be spending the rest of the season chasing grouse and woodcock.  There will more pictures to follow through the season.   She is everything we could have asked for.  Thank you so much.

Lucas Molepske


Cactus Country Copper Girl

We recently got a puppy from the "C Litter" puppy and her name is Copper Girl.   This would be our third Bourbonnais.

I would like to let you know that the people (Larry and Mary) from Cactus Country Kennels, have gone out of there way to make sure we got what we need to train our Copper Girl.  I wish they lived a little closer so they could watch her grow, but we will be sending lots of pictures of her.

The reason I am writing this letter is to let everyone know that these two people will go out of there way to help us with her.   There are not a lot of people out that would of done that. They are the sweetest and most caring people out there!   They have gone beyond what anyone would have done for us. 

We have the utmost respect for them and would recommend them to anyone.  I really think that their dogs are very special and loving and I can't wait to get one more, to have our own pair, and to get started training and working them .

We look forward to seeing them again and getting to know them even better!  They are the best.

The Clinton's
Bakersfield ,Ca
Kellan (Vivacious Kellan) and Teagyn (Victoria La Countess)


Background:  My fiance is a bird hunter that loves English Setters and he and his dad co-own a beautiful one.  When we moved in together, his dad "borrowed" her during our house consolidation - permanently - haha!  Zack wanted a hunting dog and I wanted a hunting dog I could live with because I am a neat freak and the hair of an English Setter would drive me crazy.  I have volunteered with no-kill shelters forever and had a large number of different breeds through my home during that time.  In a nut shell, we know dog breeds and we know hunting dogs exceptionally well, so this breed and breeder selection was made with extreme thought and care.

I began a search for my perfect hunting dog and after a year's worth of research, I stumbled across the Braque Du Bourbonnais!  French peasant breed designed to fullfill multiple rolls, pointing and retrieving birds in the field and with web feet, also ducks in the water as well as being good in the house, with children, and protective of their families!  It was our perfect dog!  Smaller than a GSP (Kellan is 36lbs and Teagyn is 46LBS) and very short coats, and SMART and HUMAN-LIKE (they look at you like if they could talk (Teagyn does say "I LUV U" and they talk to each-other constantly)).

In my search, I stumbled across two different short tempered and very opinionated breeders.  Then I found Cactus Country!  Mary and Larry have been exceptional to work with!  We put in our request for a fawn female and when we got Kellan's newborn pictures, it was ALL OVER!  So we flew to Arizona from MA to pick her up when she was 8 weeks old.  Mary and Larry were nothing but the best hosts ever - we visited their homes (you couldn't even tell they had dogs because everyone was so quiet).  They opened their house to us and they spent two days in the field with us and several of their dogs (including Piper).  They were all well behaved and Mary and Larry were so knowledgeable about training and NAVHDA.  We brought her home and our hearts were stolen.  She was so smart and quick to house-break and learn and to put the icing on the cake - BIRDIE!  8 weeks later we had the opportunity to get her sister from the same litter that got returned due to health and moving reasons with her family.  We picked Teagyn up at the airport in May of last year.

They love the field, work close and are really birdie!  Also they love the water (we live on the lake) and they swim like crazy!  But the most important thing to me is that they are awesome in the house, they love us like children do, and they are the best breed of dog that I have ever been exposed to!

My cell number is 803-422-0853 and my email is if you have any questions.  I'd be happy to talk with you!
Shannon L Stone & Zack Keenan
Colby Jack
This puppy is only 10 weeks old:

Hi Mary,

I hope you're as excited about this as we are. Cheddar caught his first bird this morning! Bad for the bird of course but so cool for Cheddar. Gemma actually found it while Cheddar and I were sitting by the pool. I went towards the bird and as soon as he caught sight of it he was so inquisitive, he stared at it holding perfectly still for a few seconds, then followed it and when it hid in the bushes barked and barked at it. Then he picked it up and carried it over to the cool decking. We were so shocked. The photos were taken in a hurry so not the best pictures but I'm glad we got a few anyway. After he gave us the bird (that was a bit of a challenge), Scott threw it in the pool and I was saying what the heck are you doing? Then he takes Cheddar, puts him in the water and tells him "fetch it up"......LOL. He sure tried to put that bird in his mouth and swim but he's not quite strong enough of a swimmer.

I really want to know what Larry thinks of this. Is this good, normal, what should I be training him on besides the "fetch it up" command. I hope you are proud of your progeny.



Below is a link to a video.   Enjoy!

I took the puppy (Mac) you sold my brother to the Huntsmith Foundation Seminar at Burnt Oak Lodge in Crawford, Mississippi.  I had planned on taking my dog Hattie but she went into heat.  Hattie and Mac were in an obedience class together and were the stars of the class (despite the fact that Mac was 5 months old and the baby of the class).  Because he did so well with obedience and showed such a desire to learn, I felt comfortable taking him despite his young age.  Although he was the baby there in Mississippi, he was once again the star of the class.

Ronnie Smith, who is one of the most famous dog trainers in the business, absolutely loved the puppy you bred.  He told me three or four times that he was highly, highly intelligent and how much he liked that pup.  Mac showed a very strong nose, very strong prey drive, and was the best in the class (by far) at marking the flush.  He also took the the stakeout chain and the whoa post like a champ.  Steve Snell, who owns Gundog Supply, also just loved the pup.
In short, it appears you bred a great little dog.  I am so excited to continue his training and think he is going to be both a great hunting dog and a wonderful pet.  With Mac it appears you hit a home run with his breeding.
Thanks again,