Baxter and Bree (aka Tony)

bree__baxter_02_thumb"Both dogs are from the same litter and actually live 5 miles apart. They are frequent playmates. They are sometimes together for days and the action is nonstop.

Both dogs are awesome. They are very affectionate and extremely intelligent. Baxter was trained by a trainer for basic commands. She said it would take several one hour sessions to train him. Halfway through the second session she said we were done!

Recent picture of Bree (fawn) and Baxter (liver). They live together in California.

I have kept working with him and he just keeps getting better. He is an excellent watch dog. He is always on cat patrol and chases every bird he sees. He has caught several, after pointing them, and always brings back the feathers.

Everyone in our office building knows Baxter and takes time to pet him and talk to him when he is out on his rounds. He loves going to Lowes or Home Depot and rides in the cart, sniffing at everyone. Most people think he is a stunted German Short Hair. I tell them about the Bourbonnais! Both dogs are excellent with new people and other dogs.

We may have had other dogs in the past, but we love our Braque du Bourbonnais."


Gambel's Hunter

"Well, I took Hunter out this morning to catch the sunrise about 18 miles southeast of Florence. I have hunted this place in years past, and there is generally a good population of quail. I usually hear them while uncasing the shotgun and getting my gear together.

This morning, I heard nothing. I've always been able to at least kick up a couple of coveys, and I've always seen the little goobers running through the brush. Today; nothing! But guess what,... that did not stop Hunter from doing what he does best. That little dog hit the ground running with his nose locked in position. He did come to a point once, although I did not get my camera out of my vest in time to get a shot. What he found (and unearthed) was the remains of a dove or quail. There wasn't much left of it and it was partially buried. I tend to think it was a quail, because dove aren't as 'smelly'. He didn't point for long, only a few seconds, but HE DID IT!

We kicked up a couple of cottontails at around 35 yards. Too far in the thick stuff for a clean shot, but I did fire off a few rounds to check his reaction. It was as though that 16 ga. was never fired. He shows no sign at all of being even slightly gun-shy.

The cow pond in the area was full due to the recent rains and Hunter didn't hesitate his first time in retrieving his dummy, although his second time in he only went chest deep and wandered around a bit. I can't really blame him, as there was a thin ring of ice around it when we got there at sunrise. I can't say enough about this wonderful little dog. He never ceases to surprise me.

The best testimonial of all: I LOVE THIS LITTLE DOG!"


Hailey (Samantha)

samantha08_thumb"When I got Samantha I vowed never to leave home without my camera because you never know what will happen that needs to be captured.

Today was one of those days! I took Samantha out with me to get some puppy food and chew sticks, because my wife loves the legs of our furniture! As I opened the front door, out of nowhere, a hawk swooped down from above us. He grabbed a dove that was flying by us about 20 feet away!!

samantha02_thumbNow that in itself was amazing, but suddenly, in a puff of feathers, the dove came free and fell in a neighbors yard behind a tree. Samantha is only 8 weeks old and I have only had her for 2 days, but I thought, "What the heck?" You have to seize those sudden "training opportunities" as they come right? So, I put Sam on the trail and had a wonderful time watching her find and flush this injured bird!

Once she got close enough to the bird to really smell it, she wasn't sure what to do at first. But as soon as it "took off", boy was she hooked! Talk about natural ability!! The dove could only half fly, half hop across the street and went behind a bush that was up against the house. Sam followed her into a small opening behind the bush, crawling on her belly, but the bird, being smaller, made it out the other side faster. He went across the driveway and behind another bush faster than Sam could crawl out of the hole.

samantha04_thumbI thought the fun was over at this point but Samantha put her nose to the ground and tracked this dove across the driveway, behind the second bush and out to the flowerbed where the dove flushed and flew for the second time. This time Sam was on it!! She chased it across the yard and retrieved the bird at the edge of the grass! I was so proud!

The Braque du Bourbonnais is an awesome dog! I have read about the natural ability of these dogs, but to see it first hand is really a joy. Thank you Larry an Mary for doing such a wonderful job with your dogs and with my pup."




josey01Hello Mary and Larry,

"Happy Holiday's! Sorry I haven't written with an update about Josey, for a long, long, time. But with winter vacation, and a little more time on our hands, I have the opportunity to finally do so. She has been such the perfect dog for us.

Around the house, she is happiest in our laps or when we cuddle with her on the floor. And in the field, she is slowly figuring out what to do. I have had her out chukar hunting 5 or 6 times now. The last two or three times she has really come on. She is now finding the birds once I have hit them, and might have even gone on point for her first time real quick the last time I had her out. It was hard to tell, the birds flushed almost immediately after I saw her stop (but she was getting very birdy right before). Let's just say, I couldn't be happier with my new pup. I am also attaching a few pictures of her for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to add them to your website if you wish. Happy New Year."



"As we researched breeds that would be best suited for our family with two small children, we happened upon the BdB. Descriptions stated that the breed had a " mild temperament" and was "easy to train." As these characteristics were most important to us, we interviewed BdB owners to confirm what we had read. And they did; owners gave glowing references for the breed and Cactus Country Kennels.  Our choice was made and we decided to wait patiently until our BdB puppy was born. It took nearly a year, but she was definitely worth the wait and has exceeded our expectations.

Mary and Larry Fredericks of Cactus Country Kennels have a genuine love for the breed and are wonderful breeders. We had a great experience. They communicated regularly with updates on pregnancies, puppy development, and pictures, all of which was not only informative but allowed us to get to know our puppy before she even arrived. They were available and happy to answer my many questions and went above and beyond to ensure our puppy's safe arrival via airplane.

I have only wonderful things to say about Cactus Country Kennels and the Braque du Bourbonnais breed!


Lakota Hunter

lakota_hunter06_smallLarry & Mary,

We could not be more pleased with our new puppy!!!! She has fully acclimated into our family and goes everywhere with us now.

Here are a couple highlights:

  • Sits on command
  • No accidents inside for two weeks
  • Goes into her crate at night when the boys go to sleep without being asked
  • Retrieves with great vigor
  • Flies in the airplane with no problems
  • Comfortable in public settings (street fairs, tennis courts, parks, airports, etc.)
  • Points quail wing on a fly rod
  • Plays well with other dogs and rabbits

I think your assistance with the selection of this puppy has been spot on.  If she hunts even halfway decently it will just be a bonus!

lakota_hunter04_smallSerious training starts next week as she is now twelve weeks….

I attached a couple more pictures.  Thanks again!!




lacie04_normalHello Mary and Larry,

"Lacie is a wonderful dog. If I wasn't a hunter I would still recommend her for a family pet. She is so loveable and great with my 2 year old granddaughter and other grand kids.

I can hardly wait to get her out hunting. She gets to chase birds every night and sometimes she catches them. I need to teach her to bring them to me instead of tearing them up.

I was wondering how she would be around guns so I took her out a few times.

lacie06_normalIt doesn't bother her at all. In fact she come up to me to see what it is I am doing. Also on the 4th of July, I was up at our cabin where they shoot fireworks over the lake. I took her to the point to she what she would do with the fireworks. Can you believe she sat there and watched them!

Here are a couple pictures of her. She really looks like her father."


(I love my dog!)


Quicksilver Kate

kate_thumbHi Mary,

"We just got back from Katy's first training with NAVHDA. She was the smallest at just 3 months but the fastest of the pups and she was also the most "birdy." All of the other dog folks seemed to be genuinely impressed with her natural ability. She pointed two pigeons and killed the first one. She was amazing.... like a little rocket out there!

The gentleman that helped me gave me the same hot dog home work as you guys. Her speed was amazing as well as her aggressiveness toward the birds. On her second hunt she passed the pigeon and then halted, did a 180 and wham...strait on point! I was watching her creep....then she was sniffing hard and then all of a sudden she just poked her nose through the shrub and was looking straight at the pigeon. She even leapt in stride and tried to pull a pigeon from mid flight! The trainer said that he was real happy with her natural instincts and interest in the birds.

He had some wire haired pointers which where only half interested. They were super cute but a bit slow in comparison to Kate and not nearly as birdy. We are going to film / take pics next week so I will send you some. You were right, these folks were cool. One old timer said he couldn't believe how Katy went from jumping back when seeing her first pigeon to killing it just 10 minutes later! "



omega_testimonial_thumbHi Mary,

"One year ago today, you delivered our little gal, we celebrate her birthday with a special pork hide chewy and extra pineapple (yes, she LOVES most fruit and asparagus is a real fave too) we want to say THANK YOU for your love of this amazing breed of dogs. Meg has more personality than most humans we know... she loves to wrap her long legs around our necks and put her cheek right up to ours and give hugs... She sleeps on the bed in between Tim and me and has to be 'touching' someone all the time with her paws. "

"She is funny, loving and a bit mischievous too...she LOVES chasing birds and will get to go on her first dove hunt in a couple of months.Tim absolutely adores this baby and she brings him such joy. She knows every night at 8:30 to bring Tim her ball, she literally throws it at him until he gets his shoes on and goes out to play ball. She can RUN!! for hours and when she comes in, she whines at me until I go to bed so she can fall over on me and sleep after a long day of playing and being in the house."

omega_testimonial_thumb2"She is truly a smart lil' girl and we so love her....thank you!! I hope you continue to bless other families with these gorgeous dogs...everywhere we go with her, people stop us to ask about the breed and she is SO people friendly. She also still has her playmate, Bingo who has not succumbed to his lymphoma and they love one another so much. Happy Birthday to all of your litter pups from last year at this time...May God bless you for the work you do!! A few photos of her growing in our home...she is a happy, healthy pupper!!!"

Smiles, Blessings and Thanks

The Sergent Family