Etienne (Lucy)
This email made me chuckle!  I have received other emails from this Bourbonnais owner and they have all made me smile.  This one made me laugh!!! Sorry Doug but so glad she is birdy! Love it!!!
 I continue to be surprised by Lucy's bird drive. We have a screened porch over our patio. Lucy is not destructive but we caught her on the porch and she had torn up a hole in the indoor/outdoor carpet, and was working on the 3/4 plywood underneath. Why? She does not tear up things (save a new dog bed). Well it turns out directly under the spot she was digging, perched on a beam under the guessed it....a nest of baby birds. She has a switch that when triggered to "bird" she is a different dog. Normally a pet, a clown, watch dog, a baby.....but "bird".....well....

"Hunt em up".Doug

Etienne Lucy


He was soooo good!! He didn't like his kennel and kept crying, so he slept with us. I just wanted to keep things as normal and familiar as possible. He fell asleep around 10 and woke Ron up at 4:15, so I took him outside to take care of business. We went back to bed, but he was more interested in playing than sleeping. He hasn't had any accidents, but I haven't taken my eyes off him. He went right to the back door and hit it with his paw. Thank you so much for all the goodies you sent home with him. I put his blanket in his kennel and he has pulled it out countless times, so it's on the floor with him. I took him for a short ride this morning. Cody held him and he enjoyed it. Was looking all around. How long does he need to eat soft food? Is it until he gets his permanent teeth? What kind of toothpaste have you used? He smells so darn good!! What kind of shampoo do you use? Chloe still isn't interested in interacting with him. She hasn't run from him today, so I'm sure she'll come around. Oh, one more often should I bathe him? Because Chloe has alopecia and extremely dry skin, I only bathe her every 4-6 weeks and give her a coconut oil treatment. I am so happy with my little man. Thank you for doing all you do to bring such joy to others.

IMG 1390

Quail Cooper


We love our new puppy.   Quail Cooper born to Cactus Country Bella and Wingfoot Creek Jacque on 01/04/2015.( He's 20 months now.) For 8 weeks we watched Cooper grow. It was just wonderful. Mary sent lots of pictures with each achievement and adventure. Copper was more of a leader and ventured off by himself a few times.   

Finally the big day arrived. Mary had arranged for Misti, her daughter, to deliver our puppy to us at the Boston Logan Airport, MA, March 4th. Cooper had a nice comfortable and worry free trip. Misti said Cooper was so good and a big hit with the passengers!

This is a story of joy and heartbreak for us. Our beautiful Braque, Jake, was 12 years old on 07/07/14.  Within 2 weeks Jake became sick. We took him to Vets, then an Animal Hospital. After couple days of testing we had to let him go 07/21.  We were devastated.  We had an autopsy done and 4 weeks later Jake was with us again. We were away from home, in PEI, Canada for the Summer and turned to the computer to find our dog's breed, Braque Du Bourbonnais and our new breeders, Mary and Larry Friedrichs.

A miracle happened.   Mary heard our story and unbelievablely found out that she had bought our Jake's father, Wingfoot Creek Jacque.  Now we have Cooper, who is Jake's half brother. Cooper favors his father, same as Jake. Cooper is beautiful, smart, strong and quite a runner. He also is very friendly and lovable and shakes all over with excitement, and just loves everyone.

Cooper, being a " MAINER" has had a few new adventures with lots of snow. He loves running and jumping in the snow. During our summer in PEI, Cooper loves running up and down the beach and chasing the waves. He also played with some lobster (pegged claws). Cooper is lucky to have a playmate Jasmine, a Belgium  Malware Sheppard, our Sons dog, who lives here.

Coopers biggest adventure was hunting for Partridge ( Ruffled Grouse ) in the Wilds of Moosehead Lake Region in Maine. He is a natural hunter and got his first bird. It was quite a happy event.

To Mary and Larry, We will be ever so grateful that we found you. We will love you forever.  Thank you for all the love and care that you give all your Braques and especially to Cooper.          


Jerry and Carol Drew

Kittery, Maine


Aero and Quiver

Aero and Quiver locked up on a single Mearns quail.  They made me so proud over the weekend. Their team work is increadible in the field. My clients from North Carolina were amazed at their performance, drive and temperament. Thanks Larry and Mary for such stellar pointers.

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Dawson Pal

Mary:  Returned from quail hunting in the north Texas panhandle last week. Dawson performed marvelously out shining the English pointers also on this trip and managed by their professional trainer. Dawson was described as my "million dollar dog".

   I don't think they believed that it is all natural without any professional work. I just love him and let him do his thing.  Great nose, excellent hold on point, magnificent retrieves, and soft mouth never damaging a bird - many of which he brings back alive. And a wonderful child at home without any aggressive problems.

Just want you to know what a champion gene pool/line you have there and how pleased we are.  He has not been cut.

Happy New Year and best wishes -- Allen


Bodi (Mango)

We are Bodi, now Mango’s family in South Dakota.  He is as beautiful and loving as you said he would be.

Everyone that hunts with Lincoln-( the boy) and Mango wants to buy him. He is so much a part of our family that I’d sooner sell the boy that the dog.  JK.

DSC 0222
I gotta tell ya. This past week, Gunner and I were up in Northern Michigan Grouse and woodcock hunting. He shouldn't be as good as he is, with all my back surgeries and less time a field. I have hunted with some good Dogs, but Gunner is the best Woodcock Dog I have ever hunted over, BAR NONE! He is good on Grouse too but there just aren't as many of them for a true test and they just don't hold for point as well as Woodcock do. Gunner has a great nose, great drive and is rock solid with his points. He was on the other side of a creek when his beeper went off. He had to hold his point for nearly 5 minutes until I could get across the creek to where he was. When I got there, He was still locked up like a statue; I walked in front of him, the Woodcock flushed and I missed! Damn that brush is thick!! That's my excuse and I am stickin to it!!! 24 Woodcock flushes, 2 Grouse flushes in a little over 2 hours on the ground. He is special by anybody's standards; He is the best in the Nation by my standards. Plus He is the best pet and most loyal companion in the World...

Gunner MI 1



Hey Mary,

I just can't tell you how much fun it has been dove hunting with Remy. She loves to be in the field but goes so hard that I have to watch her in the heat. I just say "Drive water" and she goes to the bowl I have by the truck and drinks then heads out again.
In the past week, I have shot around 50 dove and we have only lost two I think. She is so good at finding them. Yesterday she did one of the funniest and the coolest retrieves.
The funniest first: I shot a dove that landed in a thick area of creosote bushes and some trees and she charged in there after it because she saw where it landed. I got closer and I could see her with the bird in her mouth but she was having a hard time getting through the thicket of thorns and stuff so she dropped and and charged through to me and I was like, "Where is the bird? Go get it!" So she went back in and picked up and then dropped it and came back out and took off. So I called her back and said, "Get the bird" and I pointed at it. So she went back and got it and looked at me and I said, "Bring it here" and she pushed through with it and dropped it at me feet as if to say, "Fine. Here it is!" and she took off again....Stubborn sometimes :-)
Now the coolest: I was hunting with a friend last night and he shot one that landed out in an open area and Remy saw it land and took off after it and we were walking towards the area. She zeroed in on it and picked up and trotted back with it and dropped it in front of my friend's feet. It was so cool to see her trotting back with bird in mouth because normally she finds and I am right there to get it.
She has found so many that I would have otherwise lost. I cannot wait to take her duck hunting. I feel I do need to do some more training for quail so she does not chase after they flush thought.
She is just so birdy!!

Thanks again and I love all of the pictures of the other dogs.



1146 remy






Shooter and Trigger
Dear Larry and Mary,
You are two very special people!  You have brought so much joy into our lives, from your two beautiful dogs to your friendship and all the people we have met through you and the BdB boys!! 
We can't wait to see you in February at the Rendezvous!
Anne, Elton, Shooter and Trigger




Ok for those of you that don't have your puppies yet....let me tell you how Trigger's first night went. Even though we don't have a doggy door, he very quickly figured out where the big door is and what it means. He didn't make a mess one time in the house. He went the door every time he had go potty!!! Way to go Mary for teaching these babies how to potty outside!!!

Night time. We put his kennel next to the bed with us. He cried three times last night...all three times he had to potty!!! No messes in the kennel night one. I know better that to think this will continue.....but seriously.....Cactus Country dogs are amazing!!!!!!!! Soooooooooo smart. Sheesh he is already showing shooter up lol!! Shooter was no so good about potty training. I know I'm preaching to the choir but even I'm surprised and i already have one!!! We love you Mary and Trigger is already amazing Shooter!!!