V Litter: Piper - Prize I & Jacque

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Vandy's Dixie Rose

Vandy's Dixie Rose Vandy's Dixie Rose - Dixie went to her family in Alabama. Isn't that name fitting???? I love it. Having been born in AL....I got a little invested in Dixie. She has an amazing nose and is so very smart. Her family has spent a lot of time with her and it i ...

Very Fabulous Coco

Very Fabulous Coco Very Fabulous Coco - Coco went to Montana with her cousin Taz. This was an amazing litter and Coco is just the perfect Bourbonnais. She is calm, has a great nose and when we showed her that pigeon she knew what it was all about. She didn't have many marki ...

Victoria La Countess (Teagyn)

Victoria La Countess (Teagyn) Victoria La Countess (Teagyn) You can tell by the names Teagyn and Kellan that there is a theme here. Teagyn is very calm and so sweet. She learns quickly and is very fortunate to have this wonderful couple!!!

Viper Bodine (Bodi)

Viper Bodine (Bodi) Viper Bodine (Bodi)-Bodi joins his dad who just retired in MT. He also joined his cousin Molli who is there to show him the ropes in the field. This is another instance of one Bourbonnais not being enough. These dogs are so special! Once you have one you ...

Vivacious Kellan

Vivacious Kellan Vivacious Kellan - This was a wonderful family to work with too and they flew out to pick up their baby. The reports have been wonderful, pointing, swimming, birdie.....everything you want in a good hunting dog. They also got Victoria de la Countess so Ke ...