X Litter: Cassie & Jacque

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X Cactus

X Cactus X CACTUS - Cactus went to a couple in Oregon who have a beautiful home complete with a pond. She went swimming in the first month and it didn't matter to her that it was cold. She rides in the truck with her new dad and loves all the birds on the property ...

X-ceptional Jac

X-ceptional Jac X-CEPTIONAL JAC- Jac is the spitting image of his daddy. They look identical. I always wanted to see if he would ever have a pup that looks like him and he did! I think we are keeping the next one that looks like this! Jac traveled by air to his new home ...

Xcaliber Remington (Remi)

Xcaliber Remington (Remi) XCALIBER REMINGTON (REMI) Remi went to a couple in the Phoenix area so he stayed pretty close to home. Remi is very laid back but when we introduced him to the bird he was all business. It's amazing all of the natural ability these dogs have.

Xexno (Sam)

Xexno (Sam) XEXNO (Sam) - Sam also went to a very cold place, Alaska! This family has children and I'm sure he was greeted with squeals of delight. Sam is a beautiful fawn and already had striking markings when he left. He's in for a treat hunting birds in AK.