I2 Litter: Piper - Prize I & Jacque

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I Hetamus Tetamus Lucy (Lucy)

I Hetamus Tetamus Lucy (Lucy) I Hetamus Tetamus Lucy – Lucy is also very sweet but bird crazy. She also did a great job with retrieving. She joins her wonderful family in Buffalo . I should call if BRRRRfulo. We have a dog in Alaska so Lucy will adapt to the cold too. Lucy has a very ...

Incredible Maggie (Maggie)

Incredible Maggie (Maggie) Incredible Maggie – Maggie wins the prize for being the sweetest and most loving puppy. Then I saw her with the bird and I was floored that she was so aggressive with it. She wanted that bird!!!! It was adorable. She has beautiful makings. She is travelin ...

Iron Hank (Hank)

Iron Hank (Hank) Iron Hank (Hank) – Hank can get out of the puppy room faster than any puppy we have ever had. When that door opens do not blink or you will miss it! Hank is staying in Tucson with his new mom and dad. This young couple came to the 6th Annual Braque du Bou ...