F3 Litter: Alli & Duke

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Fabulous Dizzy Fawn

Fabulous Dizzy Fawn Dizzy joined her Phoenix family and is their second Bourbonnais. She will get to learn from her cousin, Meg, who I am sure will mother her and teach her the hunting ropes. She was small but held her own in the litter of 6.  

Famous Hank

Famous Hank Hank's human dad was on the list for a very long time but chose to jump in just at the right time. Hank is super sweet and loved to retrieve the bird wing. Dad is a hunter and is going to spend many great days in the field with his new hunting buddy. He w ...

Fantastick Oakley

Fantastick Oakley Oakley stayed in Tucson and found a wonderful family with 2 children. They have never owned a Bourbonnaisso they are in for a treat with this little guy. They had lots of good questions and are the perfect family for this breed.  

Fidelas Dash Riprock (Rip)

Fidelas Dash Riprock (Rip) Dash was such a sweet and loving puppy until he met the bird. LOL Then it was game on. He is definitely a bird dog! Rip went to his home in the San Antonio area. He is going to be a great addition to his family!  

Fielding Remi

Fielding Remi Remi went to a family member of Duke, the sire of this litter in IL. His human mom flew to pick him up and fell totally in love with him. The apple didn't fall far from the tree! Remi is sweet and loving just like his dad.  

Flinkin' the Bird (Flicka)

Flinkin' the Bird (Flicka) Flicka joined her family which is complete with 5 kids.She is going to be busy and loved. This is the second Bourbonnais for this family and she will spend lots of timehunting the Southern Arizona fields.