H3 Litter: Sassy & Duke

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Hank Hank stayed in Tucson with his Payton puppy sister Elsa. The family went on vacation and we kept the two of them and they bonded beautifully. Elsa became the mom a took care of Hank beautifully. Dad is a hunter so all that's left is to show Hank the hunti ...

Hautement Beaux

Hautement Beaux Beau is another of our International puppies. He traveled with his parents to Canada! He travels in a motor home and adjusted beautfully. He has another dog that he joined and they get along beautifully! He uses his potty box at night and the big outdoors ...


HCCKTIGD Cactus Country Kennel Totally Incredible Gun Dog. It is a long name but I have no doubt that she will live up to it. They love her to death and has settled in beautifully. She also flew to the Seattle area and they were on the same plane but in different ...


Henry Henry went to his family in Tennessee. His mom had a Bourbonnais before she got married and moved away and she loved him so much she wanted her own. Her dream finally came true! They are not hunters but they love him so much. He was a perfect addition to ...

Hondo Dice

Hondo Dice Dice stayed in Tucson with a family who have another Bourbonnais. They described him as smart and great with the 8 year old twins. This is their 3rd Bourbonnais and they are sold on the breed.


Hooch Hooch is a second dog for this great family. Dad is part of the "posse" and adores his first dog. They come to our Rendezvous every year and he has done a great job training both dogs. We are sp blessed to have such wonderful families.

Hunter Gunny

Hunter Gunny Gunny stayed in Tucson with his new family and another of our dogs Jesse. Jesse is getting older so it's time for her to train little Gunny. He was the smallest in the litter so I fed him by himself or he would have never gotten anything to eat because of ...

Hunting Gal Mia

Hunting Gal Mia Mia went to her home in the Seattle and will be a hunting dog. She is so sweet and loving and she made the trip beautifully. I have gotten several emails about how much they love her.