L3 Litter:

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Leonard (King)

King Leonard also stayed in Tucson and also to someone with one of our dogs. I’m sensing a pattern here! The first dog is getting older and it’s time for him to now train his replacement. The dad got his first Bourbonnais from us when he was about 17, pro ...

Lightening Louis (Loiue)

Lightening Louis - Louie went to South Dakota to a new kennel that just opened in 2019. They are a wonderful couple who wants to do all the right things for this special breed. Louie is outgoing and loved all of his litter buddies. I spent about two extra ...

Lil' Maisey

Lil' Maisey Lil’ Maisey – Maisey is staying in Tucson with her new family. She is the second dog from our kennel for this wonderful family. He sister took to her right away and became a mother figure for Maisey. They are now best friends!

Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger – Ranger was adorable and joined his family in the Phoenix Area. Ranger is also the second Bourbonnais for this family so they know exactly what to expect of their new puppy. They were able to make the drive to Tucson several times to visit Ra ...

Loveable Kimba

Loveable Kimba – Kimba is staying in Tucson with her new family. Their son and his family had gotten a puppy from us several months before and they fell totally in love with her. They got right on the list and got Kimba. She is in heaven with her new fami ...