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Magnus Magnus – Magnus was delivered to Colorado while Larry was on his way to South Dakota for the annual Pheasant Hunt. He went right through his new owner’s city so it made it very easy! He went to a hunting dad so he will see his share of time in the field.

Major Remington

Major Remington Remi joined his new family as a surprise for dad. He had been looking at our website for a long time so mom got on the list. Remi was ready to go home on the day his big birthday party was planned and he was completely surprised. It couldn’t have gone an ...

Marie Genvieve Charlotte

Marie Genvieve Charlotte Marie Genevieve Charlotte- OK, it’s a long name but there is a story. The family has daughters and they all had a different idea as to what to name her. Being a great dad, he accommodated all of the girls and therefore she has a very long name. She is in ...

Maximillian (Max)

Maximillian (Max) Max went to El Paso and is the second dog for this family. They got their first dog and she is a sweetie who they have trained to be a therapy dog. They take her to the hospitals in the area where she interacts with kids and adults. When they call this br ...

Maximus (Max)

Maximus (Max) Max went to a hunting dad also! Larry took him, too, on the South Dakota trip because they were hunting his new dad’s farm. Max is a stunning dog with dark ears, a white boy and orange spots on his belly. His dad is friends with the new SD breeder so we ...

Mighty Storm

Mighty Storm Storm flew to San Antonio with his new owner. He has done an amazing job with him. Storm is blessed to be able to go everywhere with his new owner. They have formed quite the human/dog bond.

Monsieur Boutonneux (Bo)

Monsieur Boutonneux (Bo) Monsieur Boutonneux- Bo went to Ohio and his family flew out to take him home on a plane. This is there second dog from us. They are a wonderful family, full of love for their new furry friend.