A Litter: Emmy & Brock

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Ace Went to his new family in California and they absolutely love him. There was a slight tug-of-war as to who’s dog he would be! He has a great laid back personality and was a great fit for his family.


Addi Addi-Lives in Tucson and enjoys being the center of attention in her family. We call Addi and Alli “The Twins” because of their similar markings.


Alex His sweet temperament makes him the most lovable of the group. He showed potential early with his retrieving. He was born to hunt!


Alexis Alexis went to a wonderful family in Colorado. She is very much like her mama Emmy and has SO much energy! That makes for a great bird dog.

Alli McDog

Alli McDog Alli-Went to Colorado and enjoys her winters in Arizona. She hunts with her Braque buddy, Kayla, and loves to hunt pheasant, dove and quail in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Arizona.


Andy Now called Doc is an incredible bird dog. He possesses all of the natural hunting instincts you want to see in a great hunting companion. He absolutely loves the water and no bird is safe when he’s around.


Angel Angel resides in Tucson, AZ with her new family. At 6 months she had not had much training and her owner saw her in the back yard pointing a sparrow. Ten minutes later he looked and she had it in her mouth!


Artie Now called Dice lives with his family here in Tucson where he loves to hunt quail. He loves the annual pheasant hunt to South Dakota and is always the first out of the truck. He, too, has a Braque hunting buddy, Petey.