B Litter: Emmy & Brock

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Bandit Began retrieving at 8 weeks. His handler is a 12 year old girl who is diligent about his training and intends to run him in the natural ability test. He shows great promise as a bird dog.


Baxter Baxter travels in the truck with his new dad absolutely everywhere. His litter mate, Bree, doesn’t live far away and they get together to romp and play and practice their technique.


Belle Another California resident, is enjoying the fields around Bakersfield. She loves to swim and torment her Bourbonnais brother,Buddy. They are inseparable!


Brandy Brandy is an Arizona dog and lives in the Phoenix area. A very avid hunting family, she is showing them what a good bird dog can do. She is very protective of the children and stands between them and a stranger when someone comes to the door.


Bree Enjoying the California sunshine with her new family. They love her so much they acquired a litter mate, Baxter, for Grandma and Grandpa.


Buffy Traveled to Missouri to her new hunting family, who adore her. She quickly made herself at home and is an awesome hunting companion.