D Litter: Emmy & Brock

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Dallas (Hunter)

Dallas (Hunter) Dallas will be joining his hunting family in California. He has beautiful orange markings and is one of the largest in this litter. He is inquisitive and ventures off to find some mischief to get into. This dog has amazing potential!


Darby Darby is staying with us and will take her place in the breeding program when she turns 2. She has proven to have all the qualities we are looking for in a good bird dog. We will be running her in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test.


Dexter Dexter was the smallest of this litter and didn’t get chosen right away. Once he started eating solid foods he took off. His markings are very distinctive and he has been the most active since birth. Dexter will keep his new Phoenix family busy. He’s awe ...


Dudley Dudley is affectionately known as Cuddly Dudley. He is very sweet and our barker. He communicates very well and lets you know exactly what he likes and doesn’t like. When the door is opened he’s the first one in the house and always leads the pack. This ...

Duke du Bourbonnais

Duke du Bourbonnais Duke du Bourbonnais is also going to California. When the pups are first born we give them names by their looks to help us identify them. We let the families give them their Cactus Country name. Duke’s was Freckles since his orange markings look like Fre ...