P Litter: Cassie & Jazz II - Prize II

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Packer A really wonderful Florida family, with children, welcomed Packer into their home. It was the perfect fit! He was smart, loving and ready for a loving family. Grandpa flew out and picked him up to take him on the plane. I love that kind of dedication to t ...


Payton Payton went to the heart of pheasant country, Nebraska. She is so smart and so loving. Show her a bird and she is a hardcore bird dog! She has taken over the family and gets to sleep with her buddy, Spencer. This is a wonderful family and I just love the ...

Phantom (Kota) PRIZE III

Phantom (Kota)   PRIZE III Kota didn't stray too far from Tucson and lives about 45 minutes away in Southern Arizona. Her family came with friends to see their puppy and they fell in love. He loves to hunt and run the fields. He isn't far from his litter mate and they often train t ...


Phoenix    PRIZE III She is Kota's training partner and what a sweet girl. She also was small but she, too, caught up! She is absolutely beautiful and her markings are gorgeous! She is so sweet and her family adores her. She does a great job in the field and loves those birds ...

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete Pete found a wonderful home with a retired dentist who winters in Tucson and then goes to Minnesota in the Summer. Pete joined his Bourbonnais brother, Leo, and they are the best of friends. This is a great family for Pete!

Pius Enzo (Buddy)

Pius Enzo (Buddy) This sweetie went to a hunting home in Henderson, NV. We have several dogs in that area so I hope they run into each other! Enzo has caught on to the hunting thing and his family loves him so much.