U Litter: Dakota & Ammo

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Ugota Winchester

Ugota Winchester Ugota Winchester - Winchester also stayed in Tucson.  He went to the parents of the family that got Tess.  They were so impressed with Tess that they wanted a Bourbonnais of their own.  He won't be hunting but we're sure he will be pointing birds in the b ...

Ulysses Jackson (Jax)

Ulysses Jackson (Jax) Ulysses Jackson (Jax)  Jax joined his family in Oregon and they just fell in love with him.  He had the longest ears and I would kid him that he better hurry and grow into those ears or people would think he was a Bassett.  He gets to go for lots of long ...

Uneeda Benelli (Molly)

Uneeda Benelli (Molly) Uneeda Benelli (Molly) Molly joined her Bourbonnais sister in CA and they really love each other. Her sister is a liver so this family has one of both colors. She is very good with the children and has turned into quite the bird dog.

Unique Tazzmanian (Taz

Unique Tazzmanian (Taz Unique Tazzmanian (Taz) - Taz went to cold country, MT.  We warned him to watch out for the snow.  Taz was energetic so he should be great in the field.  He went with a cousin from the Piper litter so these brothers will be hunting with 2 great bird dogs.

Uriah Remington (Remi)

Uriah Remington (Remi) Uriah Remington (Remi)  Remi joins her wonderful hunting family in Florida.  Remi was very small but caught up fast.  She was very sweet and loving but showed all of the signs of being a great bird dog.  She has a keen nose and boy doe ...

Utessa (Tess)

Utessa (Tess) Utessa (Tess)  Tess is staying right here in Tucson when she joins her hunting dad and 2 boys who adore her.  This family had the luxury of coming to see her every week so they were able to see her grow.

Uwana Magnum (Max)

Uwana Magnum (Max) Uwana Magnum (Max) - Max lives in Southern Arizona with his Bourbonnais cousin who is our Piper's sister.  It's great to have a friend right off the bat.  The family also has twin boys and they just love both of the dogs.