Trigger will be flying to Montana to join his Bourbonnais brother Shooter. He has beautiful markings and although you can't see it in the picture, his tail is brown with a white tip. He was such a joy to raise for 8 weeks. He is loving and so smart. He took care of his two sisters and was so very sweet. Both of Trigger's new parents are hunters and he is going to have other doggy brother and sisters and lots of love. His dad is flying in to get him. These are two wonderful people that have become special friends!
Trigger's first bird
Took the dogs training today. I'm busy getting everything ready for the duck drag. Tie dogs up, find a drag rope, now where is that duck????????? I know i put it right here..... I look up and see the pip squeak trotting as fast as he could go in the opposite direction!!! At least he brought back. Got this video after i got off the ground from laughing so hard!! This little man is a character!!!!
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